A Map Is Only One Story  [G] IMG
From Rediscovering An Ancestral Village In China To Experiencing The Realities Of American Life As A Nigerian, The Search For Belonging Crosses Borders And Generations. Selected From The Archives Of Catapult Magazine, The Essays In A Map Is Only One Story

Game Of Queens  [G] IMG
For Fans Of The Red Tent And The Dovekeepers, India Edghill Breathes New Life Into The Biblical Story Of Vashti And Esther With Her Signature Historical Richness, Epic Scope, And Sweeping Romance. You May Know Part Of The Story Already, But You Only Know

William Makepeace Thackeray  [G] IMG
The Short Story Is Often Viewed As An Inferior Relation To The Novel, Butit Is An Art In Itself. To Take A Story And Distill Its Essence Is Not An Easytask. Many Try And Many Fail. In This Series We Look At Short Stories From Manyof Our Most Accomplished

An Autobiography Or The Story Of My Experiments With Truth  [G] IMG
Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi One Of The Greatest Men To Walk This Earth, Begins The Story Of His Life With Descriptions Of His Childhood In Porbandar And Rajkot In Gujarat, His Schooldays, His Early Marriage, The Lessons He Learnt When He Tried Stealing, To

Black Wave  [G] IMG
Kim Ghattas Delivers A Gripping Account Of The Largely Unexplored Story Of The Rivalry Between Between Saudi Arabia And Iran, Born From The Sparks Of The 1979 Iranian Revolution And Fueled By American Policy. With Vivid Story-Telling, Extensive Historical

Girls Burn Brighter  [G] IMG
""Soneela Nankani Narrates This Painful Coming-Of-Age Story In A Subdued Style That Draws Even More Sympathy From The Listener. This Is An Expertly Told Story Of Survival, Courage, And Grit That Fans Of World Literature Will Enjoy." - Audiofile Magazinegi

A Christmas Carol; The Lost Manuscript  [G] IMG
A Christmas Carol. In Prose. Being A Ghost Story Of Christmas, Commonly Known As A Christmas Carol, Is A Novella By Charles Dickens, First Published In London By Chapman & Hall In 1843 And Illustrated By John Leech. A Christmas Carol Recounts The Story Of

Rabindranath Tagore-The Short Stories  [G] IMG
The Short Stories Of Rabindranath Tagore. The Short Story Is Often Viewed As An Inferior Relation To The Novel But It Is An Art In Itself. To Take A Story And Distil Its Essence Into Fewer Pages While Keeping Character And Plot Rounded And Driven Is Not A

The Middle Way  [G] IMG
General Interest In Buddhism Has Never Been Higher. The Story And Teachings Of A Man Who Lived 2,500 Years Ago Have A Special Resonance For Us Today, Perhaps Because He Taught A Way Of Life That Was Not Based On Belief In A Creator-God But Rather On Perso

The Man Who Would Be King  [G] IMG
This Short Story By Kipling Of Two British Adventurers In British India Who Become Kings Of Kafiristan, A Remote Part Of Afghanistan Is Read By David Philo.

The Story Hour  [G] IMG
From The Critically Acclaimed, Bestselling Author Of The World We Found And The Space Between Us Comes A Profound, Heartbreakingly Honest Novel About Friendship, Love, And Second Chances. An Experienced Psychologist, Maggie Carefully Maintainsemotional Di

Around The World In 50 Years  [G] IMG
This Is The Inspiring Story Of An Ordinary Guy Who Achieved Two Great Goals That Others Had Told Him Were Impossible. First, He Set A Record For The Longest Automobile Journey Ever Made Around The World, During The Course Of Which He Blasted His Way Out O

Last Man In Tower  [G] IMG
Searing. Explosive. Lyrical. Compassionate. Here Is The Astonishing New Novel By The Man Booker Prize-Winning Author Of The White Tiger, A Book That Took Rage And Anger At Injustice And Turned It Into A Thrilling Murder Story. Now, With The Same Fearlessn

Of Marriageable Age  [G] IMG
A Spellbinding Story Of Forbidden Love. Three Continents, Three Decades, Three Very Disparate Lives: Savitri, Intuitive And Charismatic, Grows Up Among The Servants Of A Pre-War English Household In Madras. But The Traditional Customs Of Her Brahmin Famil

Times Monster  [G] IMG
For Generations, British Thinkers Told The History Of An Empire Whose Story Was Still Very Much In The Making. While They Wrote Of Conquest, Imperial Rule In India, The Middle East, Africa, And The Caribbean Was Consolidated. While They Described The Deve

By Englands Aid  [G] IMG
G.A. Henty Novels Are Highly Researched As Well As Drawn From His First-Hand Experiences Of People, Places, And Events. Set In 1585 Through 1604, This Sequel To By Pike And Dyke Continues The Story Of The Dutch Protestant Struggle For Independence From Th

Tanaya: Mystorygenie Bengali Audiobook 35  [G] IMG
Rupu - The Teenage Daughter Of Swapan & Tanima, Grew Up In America As The Second Generation Immigrant From India. The Story Of Her Growing Up Has Always Been Fraught With Stress Due To Cultural Differences Between The Two Generations - Parents Who Are Des

The Contractor  [G] IMG
A Lot Has Been Written About The Time Contractor Raymond Davis Spent In A Pakistani Jail In 2011. Unfortunately, Much Of It Is Misleading-Or Downright False-Information. Now, The Man At The Center Of The Controversy Tells His Side Of The Story For The Ver

Da Vinci In Love  [G] IMG
The Identity Of The Lady Portrayed In Mona Lisa, The Masterpiece Of Leonardo Da Vinci, And The Secret Behind Her Mysterious Smile, Is One Of The Biggest Unanswered Questions In Art History. This Is The Story Of Her, And Her Romance With Her Creator, The Y

Keeping The Beat  [G] IMG
It Was Supposed To Be The Best Summer Of Her Life. Instead, Seventeen-Year-Old Lucy Finds Her Best Friend, Harper, Shot Dead In An La Swimming Pool. How Did Things Ever Go So Wrong? The Story Circles Back To Trace The Steps That Led To This Disaster. Only

The Beatles: 50 Years  [G] IMG
The Beatles, The Most Famous Rock Group In The World, Continue To Entertain, Inspire, And Even Educate Listeners To This Very Day. Here Is Their Story As Told By The People Who Knew Them Best, And Of Course, The Beatles Themselves. A Once In A Lifetime Au

Brotherhood  [G] IMG
In Brotherhood, Deepak And Sanjiv Chopra Reveal The Story Of Their Personal Struggles And Triumphs As Doctors, Immigrants, And Brothers. They Were Born In The Ferment Of Liberated India After 1947, As An Age-Old Culture Was Reinventing Its Future. For The

The Restaurant  [G] IMG
As Read On Bbc Radio 4 Book Of The Week. The Fascinating Story Of How We Have Gone Out To Eat, From The Ancient Romans In Pompeii To The Luxurious Michelin-Starred Restaurants Of Today. Tracing Its Earliest Incarnations In The City Of Pompeii, Where Sitwe

Beneath A Marble Sky  [G] IMG
In 1632, The Emperor Of Hindustan, Shah Jahan, Overwhelmed With Grief Over The Death Of His Beloved Wife, Mumatz Mahal, Commissioned The Building Of A Grand Mausoleum To Symbolize The Greatness Of Their Love. The Story Surrounding The Construction Of The

Million Dollar Arm  [G] IMG
A True Story Of Finding The American Dream &Hellip; Abroadindia Is A Country With More Than One Billion People, A Fanatical National Cricket Obsession, And Exactly Zero Talent Scouts. There, Superstar Sports Agent J.B. Bernstein Knew He Could Find The Yao

The Lamplighters  [G] IMG
""The Lamplighters Is A Whodunnit, Horror Novel, Ghost Story And Fantastically Gripping Psychological Investigation Rolled Into One. It Is Also A Pitch-Perfect Piece Of Writing." -The Guardian (Uk) "Beautiful, Absorbing And Utterly Riveting." -Rosie Walsh

Chasing The Monsoon  [G] IMG
This Is The Inspiring Story Of How One Man Realized His Dream Of Witnessing Firsthand The Most Dramatic Of Meteorological Events: The Indian Monsoon. Alexander Frater Spent The First Six Years Of His Life On A South Pacific Island, Where His Father, The O

Running Toward Mystery  [G] IMG
A Revered Buddhist Monk Tells The Bracing And Beautiful Story Of A Singular Life Compelled To Contemplation, Sharing Lessons About The Power Of Mentorship And An Open Mind "A Necessary And Captivating Narrative Of Spiritual Courage And Truth Seeking Far B

The Glass Palace  [G] IMG
Set In Burma During The British Invasion Of 1885, This Masterly Novel Tells The Story Of Rajkumar, A Poor Boy Lifted On The Tides Of Political And Social Chaos, Who Goes On To Create An Empire In The Burmese Teak Forest. When Soldiers Force The Royal Fami

After Disasters  [G] IMG
Finalist For The 2017 Pen/Faulkner Award For Fiction. Beautifully And Hauntingly Written, After Disasters Is Told Through The Eyes Of Four People In The Wake Of A Life-Shattering Earthquake In India. An Intricate Story Of Love And Loss Weaves Together The




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